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PSA Publishes Annual Report for 2022-2023

The Police Superintendents’ Association has published its Annual Report and Impact Report for 2022/23.
The reports outline how the association has worked towards its strategic priorities and outlines how it will direct its activity over the next three years.
With a clear focus on influencing positive change in areas supporting members, the wider workforce and policing’s impact on communities, the reports reflect the association’s efforts and achievements across a broad range of critical issues for policing. 
In his annual report foreword, President Paul Fotheringham says:
“The last year has seen our Service under the spotlight in the most extreme way, as we have seen inexcusable actions of police officers damaging the trust and confidence our communities have in policing. Our association is resolutely committed to rooting out behaviour of this kind, whilst also recognising and responding to the impact this has on the vast majority of the workforce who want nothing more than to go to work to serve the public to the highest possible standards.
“Alongside this, we have seen the final year of the Police Uplift Programme, recruiting the largest ever number of new officers into policing over one period – replacing officers that were lost from the Service as a result of austerity cuts. Whilst any influx of new officers is positive, this has posed challenges to members and the wider service as forces have worked to meet difficult recruitment targets, to lead and train the new generation, and to prepare for the implications of a young and inexperienced workforce. 
 “We have continually stressed the need for an appropriate uplift in senior officers to adequately cope with this change in workforce. With statistics showing a greater percentage uplift in chief officers than operational chief supers, and 30% less chief supers than were in post in 2012, we will continue to lobby for the right level of supervision to lead our workforce at this critical time.
“My clear priority has remained the wellbeing of our members and of colleagues across the Service. These matters of police legitimacy and police recruitment have played a major part in this over the past financial year. Our people are resilient, but there are limits to the stresses and strains anyone can take, and I am pleased to have instigated positive change in areas linked to wellbeing that will help better ensure police officers and staff receive the support they deserve for the commitment and sacrifices they make.
“Our strategic priorities span areas including wellbeing, valuing difference, pay and reward – each of equal importance to our members – and whilst we have much to do, I am proud of the work we have carried out in these areas to respond to the needs of superintendents.”
The Annual Report can be viewed here and Impact Report can be viewed here.