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National Executive Committee

The National Executive Committee (NEC) is the association’s policy-making body.  It supports and co-ordinates the association structure and meeting process and represents the membership at a national level.  The national officers are accountable to the NEC.  
The NEC comprises fifteen members.  Ten of whom are drawn from across the five districts (two per District).  These are normally the district chair and secretary, although this is not a requirement.  Each district elects its NEC representation at its AGM.  
In addition to the district representatives, there are five reserved place members representing gender issues, BAME, LGBT+, disability and Welsh members. The non-voting members are the national secretary and assistant secretary.  The NEC meets five times a year.

Nick Smart

A District Chair - West Yorkshire Police

Richard Robertshaw

A District Secretary - Lancashire Police

Chris Goodman-Bowen

B District Chair - Greater Manchester Police

Nicola Spragg

B District Secretary - Greater Manchester Police

Carl Williams

C District Chair (Vice Chair Elect) - Gwent Police

Tony Brown

C District Chair - South Wales Police

Sarah Robbins

C District Secretary - Wiltshire Police

Clare Smith

D District Chair - Hertfordshire Police

David Cutler

D District Secretary - Suffolk Police

Kris Wright

E District Chair - Metropolitan Police

Duncan Slade

E District Secretary - Metropolitan Police

Ed Haywood-Noble

LGBTQ+ Reserved Representative - North Yorkshire Police

Simon Belcher

Welsh Reserved Representative - South Wales Police

Paul Burrows

Disability Reserved Representative - Nottinghamshire Police

Heather Whoriskey

Gender Reserved Representative - West Yorkshire Police

David Oram

Race Reserved Representative - British Transport Police