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PSA Members ‘At Risk’

As senior operational leaders, dealing with the highest levels of operational responsibility and handling significant forms of threat, harm and risk, superintendents can be placed ‘at risk’ when things go wrong.
Conscientious and experienced superintendents/chief superintendents can make decisions which may be questioned and which occasionally can form part of a formal investigation.

All fully-paid subscribing members of the PSA are covered by a Legal Protection Insurance (LPI), managed by Arc Legal Assistance.  The cover is also extended to retired members and members who revert to a former rank (conditions apply).  The insurance is wholly ‘defensive’, in that it provides for legal advice and representation to defend actions arising from members’ professional liability.

Should a PSA member find themselves in need of advice or support in connection with any complaint or investigation into their role in dealing with current events they should in the first instance contact Professional Standards Co-ordinator Kate Halpin on 07471 472541 or via email to: [email protected]. If you're unable to contact Kate, contact National Secretary Dan Murphy on 07711 922625 / [email protected] or Assistant National Secretary Paul Griffiths on 07872 041888.

Emergency Out of Hours Service

In rare cases where a PSA member feels that they need urgent out of hours legal advice they should contact Markel Solicitors on 0800 048 3700.  If you use this provision, you must also notify Kate Halpin or Dan Murphy at the earliest opportunity. 

The following national officers are also available 24/7 to support you:

Kate Halpin – Professional Standards Coordinator – 07471 472541
Paul Griffiths – Assistant National Secretary – 07872 041888
Dan Murphy – National Secretary – 07711 922625

This out of hours service is for urgent matters such as post incident procedures following a death or serious injury, it should not be accessed for issues which are not work-related.

Panel of Friends

The PSA’s Panel of Friends is a large group of members who have the experience, training and expertise in providing a ‘friend’ to superintendents/chief superintendents who become ‘at risk’ and the subject of a formal investigation.

If you are interested in becoming a 'friend', contact Kate Halpin - [email protected].