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In April 2020, after years of negotiations, the PSA successfully secured agreement from the Home Secretary that superintending ranks would be eligible for on-call allowance, in line with the federated ranks.

The amended section of the regulation is copied below:

Substitution of Part 13, On Call Allowance 
For Part 13 of Annex U, “ON CALL ALLOWANCE”, substitute: 


a) A member of the rank of constable, sergeant, inspector, chief inspector, superintendent or chief superintendent shall receive an allowance of £20 in respect of each day on which they spend any time on-call. 
b) In sub-paragraph (a) “day” means a period of 24 hours commencing at such time or times as the chief officer shall fix after consultation with the branch board and the elected officials of the local Police Superintendents’ Association Branch, and the chief officer may fix different times in relation to different groups of members.”.

ANNEX U Regulation 34 - superintendents' on-call allowance


In October 2018 the PSA launched a challenge against an employer practice that insisted officers deduct their ‘home to work/work to home’ mileage from any journey undertaken for duty purposes, where an officer had used their own vehicle. 

After negotiations for a number of months with the National Reward Team and the NPCC Pay Lead, Chief Constable Matt Jukes, we reached an agreement between the NPCC and the staff associations. A Memorandum of Understanding on the payment of motor vehicle travel allowance can be accessed here. The agreement was live from 1st June 2020.

This document sets out the agreement reached and at Annex B to the document there are eight examples showing how this agreement applies to everyday work-related journeys undertaken for duty purposes.