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PSA President responds to UK Prime Minister’s Coronavirus announcement

PSA President Paul Griffiths has responded to the Prime Minister's Coronavirus announcement made on the 10th May:

“I have been grateful for engagement with the government today, and in the lead up to today’s announcement. The role of the Police Service has been fundamental to the national response so far, so feedback and insight on behalf of the workforce is a vital part of the decision making.

“My message to the government has not changed – we need clear and consistent communication with both the public and the police, so that society as a whole understands how this will work. It is also essential that all sectors play their role in ensuring social distancing, as this cannot fall to policing alone.

“Our Service has once again been shown as responsive and resilient throughout this crisis, despite the significant challenges it has faced.  The vast majority of the public have worked with us and the efforts and achievements of our workforce have repeatedly been praised at the highest level. We will continue to work with the government and other key police stakeholders, as the law for England is amended this week, to ensure our officers and staff have a clear understanding and expectation of their role as we enter a new phase of restrictions. Police should rightly feel proud of everything they have done to help save lives – our efforts will continue to be vital in getting us through this national emergency.”