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Police Superintendents’ Association formally welcomes Gibraltar Police forces on the country's national day

The Police Superintendents’ Association (PSA), which represents officers at the rank of superintendent and chief superintendent is announcing the 48th and 49th police forces to join its membership – Royal Gibraltar Police and Gibraltar Defence Police, as the country marks its national day.
The Gibraltar Police, as it was known, became operational in 1830 making it the oldest police force in the Commonwealth, and second oldest British Police Force in the world. In 1992, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II conferred the prefix ‘Royal’ to the Gibraltar Police. The Gibraltar Defence Police (GDP) is a civil police force which provides a policing and security service for the Ministry of Defence in Gibraltar. 

The PSA ‘s constitution allows forces from Crown Dependencies and British Overseas Territories to join the membership, with officers from Bermuda Police and the Isle of Man Constabulary already part of the association.
Superintendents and chief superintendents from Royal Gibraltar Police and Gibraltar Defence Police can now choose to become members of the PSA, which offers representation and support whilst also working to influence positive change right across policing.
The PSA currently supports senior leaders in the 43 Home Office forces, along with Civil Nuclear Constabulary, British Transport Police, the Isle of Man Constabulary and Bermuda Police.
PSA President Paul Griffiths said, “We warmly welcome colleagues from Royal Gibraltar Police and Gibraltar Defence Police to our membership and look forward to learning more about key issues for policing in Gibraltar. Many of the challenges facing our Service are shared by colleagues everywhere, and now, more than ever, sharing and developing best practice to support our forces and our communities is crucial.”