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COVID-19: President's message

President Paul Griffiths has released a second message relating to Covid-19:

“The Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday on measures to maintain social distancing and battle the threat of Covid-19 took another significant step in these unprecedented times.

Instructing our communities to stay at home for the foreseeable future and to change the way they live and work is for the greater good.

I am under no illusion that this is an incredibly difficult thing to ask of our society, but the options are limited and the decision making is based on the best scientific, health and behavioural advice.

If we want to protect our communities – particularly those who are most vulnerable, but also our NHS and our wider public services – we must act now.

Our members are leading teams in what is an entirely new context for everyone – working hard to provide crucial policing services, whilst also navigating the impending introduction of legislation around social distancing.

We are working with colleagues in the Home Office, the NPCC and the College of Policing, providing our input and experience to support operational policing as this crisis continues to unfold.

My priorities of care for our people, our police and our public remain key.  The safety and wellbeing of our workforce is of paramount importance as we navigate this crisis which we know may last for a significant time.

I would like to thank every member of the policing family that is supporting national efforts to address this global crisis and would urge every member of the public, in return, to play their part in protecting our public services.”