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Annual Report and Accounts 2017-2018

The Annual Report and Accounts of the Police Superintendents’ Association for 2017/18 are now available.

President Gavin Thomas said:

“Many of the issues policing has experienced over the 12 months this report covers are a continuation of the previous several years. 

“The service has been the subject of high profile reporting and scrutiny – much of it uncomfortable – on both current activity and issues from its history going back a generation or more. Continuing pressure on budgets means forces are still having to make incredibly difficult decisions in every area of service. The threat from terrorism remains real and present. 

“Policing keeps rising to these challenges: but in doing so is really starting to show the strain. The results from our Personal Resilience Survey gave us huge cause for concern: half of members reporting signs of depression, and 27% signs of anxiety. Wellbeing and the health of our members, and those they lead, continues to be my biggest priority. 

“This backdrop has placed a considerable demand on the Association. I believe we have responded to that demand on every occasion, providing extensive professional support to our members whilst remaining a trusted, valued and influential voice.” 

To view a copy of the Annual Report and the full Audited Accounts please click the below links.