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A time for unity and care

President Paul Griffiths has spoken on the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic:

“It seems that the phrase ‘unprecedented times’ has been used an awful lot in policing recently, but there is no other way to describe what we currently face.

The Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic is placing strain on our public services, in a way our generation has never seen, and I am acutely aware of the challenges our members, and their teams, will be facing.

Alongside our work around intervention and prevention, we work with our partners to deal with things that are unplanned, reacting to provide help and support for those who need it.  Covid-19 could not have been predicted and is requiring a largescale public sector response, unlike anything we have ever delivered before.
I often speak of our goal as an association, to care for our people, our police and our public, and this could not be more important now.  Our colleagues in the health service are stretched beyond comparison and we must do all we can to support them, whilst delivering essential policing and protecting the wellbeing of our workforce.
We will all be affected personally and professionally at this difficult time. Our thoughts, which I know are shared across the service, are not just for the health of our families, friends and colleagues, but for all the members of our communities and especially those who are most vulnerable.
I have no doubt we will pull together as public services at this uncertain time, and whilst protecting communities remains our priority, I know our communities, in turn, will wish for the good health and safety of everyone contributing to these efforts.”