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A New Year message from the PSA President

On New Year’s Eve, PSA President Paul Griffiths reflects on 2019 and looks ahead to 2020:

As we near the close of 2019, I’d like to take the opportunity to extend my good wishes and thanks to colleagues and partners across policing.

There’s so much to look back on with pride this year – so many great things we have achieved as a Service – alongside difficult times on which we can reflect – and challenges and opportunities we must embrace in the New Year.

When I became President in March, I stated my aim was to work towards our goals with a clear focus on care for our people, our police and our public. I’m proud to say that this has guided everything we have done and will continue to be our direction throughout 2020 and beyond.

As an Association, we have welcomed so many new colleagues into our ranks – each keen to lead with passion and pride, to build on the invaluable experience they bring to their organisations.

We have supported members facing difficult times within their careers, and we have continued to push for positive change and Service improvement at a national level.  
It hasn’t been an easy year for policing in many ways – but collectively we have done what we do so well – we have joined together, extended our warmth and support to those who need it – and continued to provide our communities with the policing Service that they rightly expect and deserve.
We have seen the very best and the very worst for our Service. We have come together following extreme loss, we have celebrated milestone years for our support networks and we have welcomed a new commitment to wellbeing and to Service investment that we have not seen in many years.
We will continue into 2020 with passion and enthusiasm,  during this complex political landscape, to build and grow our Service of which we are so proud.
Happy New Year.