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Live tender - Conference AV provision

Annual Conferences, 2022-2024 inclusive
Bids are sought for a contract to provide audio and visual resources at the annual conferences of the PSA in the second week of September for the years 2022, 2023 and 2024. This year, the conference will be held from–12- 14th September 2022 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Stratford Upon Avon.
Details and information on previous conferences can be found here.  The conference attracts widespread media attention and features high profiles speakers and presenters from across policing and the broader private and public sectors. 
Contractors are invited to tender for the contract which will be awarded by May to allow the successful bidder sufficient time to work alongside the association’s Conference Planning Team to produce a high quality event in 2022
Depending on the level of interest, there may be a shortlisting process.

Full details and requirements can be found here